Harmony Camp

So why Harmony Camp?

That is always the first question that for sure will cross your mind when you see or hear the name . Well, first thing first . The Camp it self is located in a small Village ,in heart of Croatia ,next to a river.Surrounded from both sides with hills ,wild life ,pure clean nature.Where few families still remaining in that Village, never willing to try the life in big city but choose the traditional way of living.

The Camp is part of family heritage ,heritage in way of living and expending

Even do Camp is designed as Robinson style of Camp ,witch means current accommodations are based as sleeping in a tent .

Camp is divided on tree levels ,main sleeping area is in the highest garden. Waterfront is large enough to grill ,sleep and other activities.

Soon there will be other stiles of accommodations available to offer as well

Robinson Crusoe was a sailor ,and always ended up living an adventure . Way he lived so will you once you come ,with a touch of normal as well

One of his quotes will in a way describe the Camp at its best :

“Thus we never see the true state of our condition till it is illustrated to us by its contraries, nor know how to value what we enjoy, but by the want of it.” 
― Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe

More info coming soon !!

Perfect in simplicity

As a world traveler and all Seven Seas explorer i can present you a little something that turned out beeing such a peacefull and comfortable place ,where all that big City rush can be so easy forgoten ,where you could say “time has no meaning ” After reaching first major City on my travel ,Miami…

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